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For me, the first sign of trouble was when I had a meeting with my team leader and I was told that she would be taking me down a formal ‘performance management route’. This came as a total shock to me as nothing had gone wrong and she had been off sick for most of the 5 months that had elapsed since our last meeting. I subsequently went on to receive two written warnings for failing to meet all of the unreasonable targets that I was set, while fellow team members took extensive sick leave and had excessive amounts of  ‘working from home’, before I was dismissed.


My stress levels were very high as I battled to meet the unreasonable targets and simultaneously cover for absent colleagues and I came very close to resigning. However my father phoned me 3 times in one weekend when I was at my lowest point. He was determined that I should not resign and at some point in the third call my mind-set flipped from that of a victim to that of a victor.  I decided to fight and to keep fighting until I reached an outcome that was satisfactory to me . When I took that decision I imagined two things: firstly that the battle would be long and hard and secondly that I would learn a great deal on the journey. I was proved right on both counts!


The information pack that I have produced contains the distilled wisdom of my 15 month battle from first written warning to dismissal to appeal against dismissal, to filing for tribunal and finally through to a negotiated out of court settlement for an agreed reference and a substantial cash sum in exchange for withdrawing my tribunal claim. Had this pack been available to me at the time that performance management proceedings* were first instigated against me, I would have saved myself a great deal of time, stress and uncertainty and I would now be several thousand pounds better off, or back in my old job.


The pack that I have written for you has been born out of real life experience and is packed with material that can move you from victim to victor. There is no waffle as that is not my style – it cuts straight to the chase.  The strategies for obtaining free legal advice alone will be able to save you the pack purchase price several times over.

* My pack is equally applicable to people who are being taken down a disciplinary or misconduct route. The principles that you need to understand in order to defend yourself are exactly the same.

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